Monika's Biscuits

My biscuits are made using the best - and where it is possible - Irish ingredients. All my butter biscuits are preservative and additive free. They only contain a few ingredients, fresh eggs, Irish butter, plain flour, lemon or orange juice, and caster sugar. See? The list is sweet and short, no secrets here. In the right condition, they keep crunchy and fresh for 2 weeks or in an airtight tin for 4 weeks. Beware of humidity! The biscuits may soften a bit in humid conditions, but stay still enjoyable.

My gingerbread products are not just for Christmas! These can be ordered anytime during the year. I use molasses, fresh eggs, dark muscovado sugar, Irish butter, plain flour, baking soda and ground ginger/mixed spice to make these edible cuties.


To ice the biscuits I use fresh egg whites and icing sugar only and a touch of lemon juice. No nasty powdered albumen in big buckets, thank you. To colour the icing I mostly use Sugarflair Colours. Occasionally I use sugar balls, chocolate or sugar sprinkles or other sweets to decorate the biscuits or gingerbread houses.

Apologies, but unfortunately I cannot cater for people with nut-, or wheat allergies. In my kitchen I use nuts and nut products, and the biscuits are made of plain Irish flour.

Although I have more than 150 biscuit cutters to be able to make biscuits for any occasion, my cutter collection is far from complete. If you cannot find the design you need, let me know, and I do everything possible to source the right cutter and make the biscuits for you.

My kitchen is registered with the FSAI, and inspected regularly.